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Great PDF on Mobile Gaming…

Finally we can call in Second in SL

“At YouNeverCall, we have decided to venture beyond our traditional customer base,” states Sam Michelson, CEO of YouNeverCall, “and Second Life offers us more than a 1.5 million potential new customers. The virtual cell phones we are offering on Second Life are more than just a fun accessory. The cell phones let Second Life residents send and receive text messages, as well as hold the virtual phone to their ear. They ring like real cell phones and, best of all, require no special download. YouNeverCall’s Second Life cell phones also offer valuable information like the exchange rate of the Linden dollar (Second Life currency) to US dollar, and actual US stock quotes. The YouNeverCall virtual kiosk in Second Life is conveniently located in the Alston region at coordinates 95, 58, 22, right near a Lindex ATM.”

While many things in Second Life are available for a fee, the phones at the YouNeverCall kiosk are completely free. To get to the kiosk you can enter the coordinates on the Second Life map or just teleport yourself directly there by going to Even if you’ve never been to Second Life, this link will direct you to sign up for your own, free Second Life persona, so you can experience what 1.5 million others have already discovered. The Second Life 3D virtual world, a huge digital country filled with people, is a land of opportunity, and not just virtual. The YouNeverCall cell phones are a neat accessory that allow for real communication with others in the virtual world, and are powered by the real YouNeverCall network.

Already growing in demand, the YouNeverCall free virtual cell phones give the residents of Second Life a fashionable, and entirely functional, accessory. Experience a YouNeverCall cell phone in your hand, as you stroll through Second Life. Put the phone to your ear as you communicate with your friends anywhere in the Second Life world. Check your real world stocks while relaxing in a virtual boat. Look up the virtual dollar exchange rate, while browsing in a virtual shopping mall together with new friends who are, in reality, on different continents. The YouNeverCall virtual cell phone fits your new, virtual lifestyle, perfectly.


3D is really taking off now.

Have you seen Microsoft’s Virtual Earth? It now has 3D images.. Last week I was confronted with Geminimobile. A company creating Mobile Social Networking software in 3D. On there site is a very nice demo(left corner). Further I saw a an application that can make 3D images out of 2D images(See YouTube clip). Week before that it was another Microsoft initiative called Photosynth.

Don’t even get me started on SecondLife…


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