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Currently I am in the process of organising a new open network event in Amsterdam The Netherlands. I am planning to host it once a month. Very informal style. With one or two speakers per event. The ambition of these drinks is to integrate the mobile industry especially with the more traditional industries(internet, IT, advertising, Retail, etc). I see that the mobile industry is still pretty isolated and it is time to change that.Want to help me organise these drinks, wish to speak on one of these evenings or ofcourse want to participate please let me know.

Widget support for S60 was announced today. Demos are available in Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco and Nokia CEO CTO Tero Ojanperä is starting web cast now 13.15 CET. Developers can use standard Web technologies such as AJAX, HTML, CSS, Java Script and easily create small applications, Widgets, for users. Widget support will be part of S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 and makes S60 developer platform even stronger. Widget is an embodiment of S60 Web Run-Time. Web Run-Time allows Web developers to build new Widgets for mobile and even migrate existing widgets from other platforms to S60 with minimal effort.

Web Run-Time lowers the barrier to develop applications for mobile. No need for Symbian programming experience. No need for application signing. Do it fast and distribute on Web for everyone. Use common Web tools, documentation will be available. When bringing existing Widgets to S60, few things has to be taken into account. Screen is smaller, no mouse, two softkeys: options and exit. The core of the existing Widget can be utilized and migration is easy. We have worked with several companies to create demo Widges and usually migration took only few days. I’m impressed.

Ebays, Amazons etc. big Internet names are already on mobile but I believe this is a great step to make long tail available on mobile. We have had the best mobile browser which is making billions of Web pages available for S60 users. But now there is going to be easy way for every Internet company to make mobile user experience even better. Widgets make access to Web services fast and pleasant.

With Widgets smartphone users gain instant and easy access to commonly used Web services. In the first phase Widget functionality allows access to Web and displays information for user in mobile optimized way. Widget user experience on S60 is similar to any other application (Symbian or Java). Widgets can be downloaded and launched in similar way that other applications. Several Widgets can be run at the same time and be seen and switched from multitasker menu.

Open to new features. This has never been more true than today.

Thanks to MRKTNGman

Nokia launched Nokia BetaLabs today.


Nokia is continuously working on new ideas and innovations and improving our current applications and services. Please try them out and give us your feedback on how we can further improve them. Your feedback goes directly to the development teams that are working on the applications.

Nothing remarkable yet..but anyway a nice first step.. 😉

Thanks to Tommi’s S60 Applications blog

Thanks to the great eye of Stefan Constantinescu from Ring Nokia who found the clip on YouTube.


So when will we see the first Visa device, BMW device, Porsche device and maybe hmm.. Raimo device??(User Generated Phones can that be the future?)

Seriously.. You see that big scale companies have difficulties managing the customer. Their brand just does not connect. In LG’s case they need a brand closer to the public they want to reach. In this case Prada(a small scale player with a clear target audience).

On my other blog I wrote about this trend. Have a look at this presentation on Slideshare showing this development that the large scale production houses are slowly pushed back in the value chain..

Article at Boing Boing:

LG Electronics introduced its Prada mobile phone today. Designed in collaboration with the Italian fashion design firm, the device uses an entirely touch screen-based interface similar, some say, to the iPhone. The phone is slated to launch next month in Europe for approximately €600 (US$775), followed by China, Singapore, and Korea. No plans to bring it to the US have been announced.


I am not happy.. My loyalty to Nokia is threatened for the first time since the N7650(milestone)..

This is a new MILESTONE! I have never in the 8 years I worked in the mobileindustry been so blown away.. I have alot of respect for the Apple team. They have faced tremendous challenges to create this device..

I just can’t believe it… I wonder what my ex colleagues are discussing now. I mail them tomorrow they probably haven’t seen it yet..(just kiddin)

Concluding: Symbian..TIME TO GET OUT OF THE MIDDLEAGES!!!!!


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