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Thanks to the great eye of Stefan Constantinescu from Ring Nokia who found the clip on YouTube.


So when will we see the first Visa device, BMW device, Porsche device and maybe hmm.. Raimo device??(User Generated Phones can that be the future?)

Seriously.. You see that big scale companies have difficulties managing the customer. Their brand just does not connect. In LG’s case they need a brand closer to the public they want to reach. In this case Prada(a small scale player with a clear target audience).

On my other blog I wrote about this trend. Have a look at this presentation on Slideshare showing this development that the large scale production houses are slowly pushed back in the value chain..

Article at Boing Boing:

LG Electronics introduced its Prada mobile phone today. Designed in collaboration with the Italian fashion design firm, the device uses an entirely touch screen-based interface similar, some say, to the iPhone. The phone is slated to launch next month in Europe for approximately €600 (US$775), followed by China, Singapore, and Korea. No plans to bring it to the US have been announced.


Nope nothing about iPhone..but Hillcrest’s fun new gadget and a Voice Activated Information System

Hmm..I start to like it. Seeing the interface makes gives me the idea that mobile phones really need to pick up the pace in UI and speed.


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