Wow.. I just saw how I will watch TV in the future..

I love the interface(see the preview post).

The channel switching(hear Bill Gates at Scobleizer) is acceptable to me(3 sec).

The Plugins are great: You can add IM from Google or Jabber, RSS feeds, channelchat and votes

I have somehow the feeling The Venice Project is more legit than I expected. With other words, I expected a “Grey App”(between legal and illegal) but it looks they choose the “clean path”.

So the P2P part is very limited. I haven’t seen any way to “upload” content or to create my own channel.

Strong focus on music. Looks like MTV is a partner..

Can’t help thinking that it is JUST a “distribution of content platform”. One of the many(in the end).

Looks like the disruptive movement of TV will not be kickstarted by one product(like Skype and Kazaa/Napster did) but it is more an industry movement(evolution).

Some early feedback:

Make the preview icons bigger(or let me choose resolution of metadata).

Make a PC/laptop variant and a TV variant. Both need their own interface.

Create a communication platform for Preview Orientation: I need to know more about the shows. I need recommenders, forum, comments, preview, trailers. Now I directly need to go to the content and start to ZAP. This confronts me with the choice dilemma. The current set-up freezes me up. Zapping through the channels on the Venice Project is not as efficient as on “normal TV”. Somehow zapping looks not be the best way to orientate the supply of TV content. Such a communication platform would enrich the total product alot. It will create value on top of the distribution function(tough competition market).

Probably soon more..