Nokia identified music as being an important domain very early(maybe to early?). After the first disaster with the 3300..they waited too long to come with a coherent music story(hardware wise). Nokia’s multimedia business unit having their own roadmap compared to the Mobile Phones BU. We saw music editions(headphone + memory card), the 3250( a ugly brick), N91 featurewise great but size was for many unacceptable. In the meanwhile SonyEricsson build the Walkman line.. Clear vertical music solution! Positioned no only to the high end but also the midrange(volumemakers). Next to having ‘great’ products they secured distribution with the global operators.

So what is the stauts now? Nokia revitalising their music portfolio with the XpressMusic line-up. Interesting part is that they entering in midrange. Sony Ericsson full force the leading categorykiller(not correct in th retail sense, but I like the name). Nseries seem to be more more positioned as being multimedia computers instead of musicplayers, gameplayers, etc..

Nokia’s acquisition of Loudeye(od2) gave them the platform to offer a complete end to end OPEN music download solution. Well that sounds interesting, especially with (a web2.0 site in disguise) as being a great place to collect ‘intelligence’ about users, music, profiles, preference, etc.

Strategically Nokia is positioned great to play a BIG part in the music arena. Some critical elements to achieve this success are in my opinion:

Great hardware SOON! (sexy hardware, think 8210 and 8310)

Start pushing traffic to and start building a community around

Finds ways to recommend music without the need to be on the site(great music player(pc and mobilephone) with recommendation function)

Be the YouTube of music recommendations. Size counts here!!Get music download service in java client(J2ME)

Well maybe you have then all the elements to be succesful. Scary thing is that the only thing where you really can add value(offer something new) are the music recommendations.