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Search in the mobile domain is going to look so different from the way we use search on our PC. As described below in the article about the “Now, New, Near” web, the PC search is used mostly as a tool of reference. To be accessed in similar contexts everyday( at home in the evening, in the office)

The Mobile search functionality will be more a tool in our daily lives. To be used “all the time” in every situation. This will make it more relevant for a search function to understand the various contexts in which the search is requested.

Here is a nice example how Windows sees Mobile Live Search:


Please have a look at Stephen Downes, a researcher in e-learning. Explaining the difference between groups and networks. This stuff is applicable on many areas.. Just think about it..



Just opened shop on Spreadshirt.. 😉 Already ordered one for myself. I will be wearing it friday at Brightlive. See you there??

Free Hugs T-shirt

Thanks to the people at Spreadshirt for sponsoring(express sending) the shirt.

Finally we can call in Second in SL

“At YouNeverCall, we have decided to venture beyond our traditional customer base,” states Sam Michelson, CEO of YouNeverCall, “and Second Life offers us more than a 1.5 million potential new customers. The virtual cell phones we are offering on Second Life are more than just a fun accessory. The cell phones let Second Life residents send and receive text messages, as well as hold the virtual phone to their ear. They ring like real cell phones and, best of all, require no special download. YouNeverCall’s Second Life cell phones also offer valuable information like the exchange rate of the Linden dollar (Second Life currency) to US dollar, and actual US stock quotes. The YouNeverCall virtual kiosk in Second Life is conveniently located in the Alston region at coordinates 95, 58, 22, right near a Lindex ATM.”

While many things in Second Life are available for a fee, the phones at the YouNeverCall kiosk are completely free. To get to the kiosk you can enter the coordinates on the Second Life map or just teleport yourself directly there by going to Even if you’ve never been to Second Life, this link will direct you to sign up for your own, free Second Life persona, so you can experience what 1.5 million others have already discovered. The Second Life 3D virtual world, a huge digital country filled with people, is a land of opportunity, and not just virtual. The YouNeverCall cell phones are a neat accessory that allow for real communication with others in the virtual world, and are powered by the real YouNeverCall network.

Already growing in demand, the YouNeverCall free virtual cell phones give the residents of Second Life a fashionable, and entirely functional, accessory. Experience a YouNeverCall cell phone in your hand, as you stroll through Second Life. Put the phone to your ear as you communicate with your friends anywhere in the Second Life world. Check your real world stocks while relaxing in a virtual boat. Look up the virtual dollar exchange rate, while browsing in a virtual shopping mall together with new friends who are, in reality, on different continents. The YouNeverCall virtual cell phone fits your new, virtual lifestyle, perfectly.


An absolute treasure found by Tommi about how the function of the mobile web will differ from the traditional PC web environment. It clearly sees the mobile web being created around the user and how it integrates in our daily lives because it is always with you:”New”, “Now” and “Near” are the keywords.. Here are some interesting excerpts from the blog:

Think of the reference web as the one that has already been created for the PC world � and for which Google has become the window. This web has been created for the big screen of the PC. The incremental web is about the present and future � it is the real-time web. This is the web which will be increasingly built more for mobiles � because it is a device through which access can happen anytime and from anywhere. Suddenly, it makes sense to create real-time information because there are users with two-way devices which can access this information with near-zero latency. I think of the incremental web as being about �now, near, new.��

More Mobile-centric, less PC-centric: I believe that mobiles are what will accelerate the emergence of the N3 Web � both for content creation and consumption. Mobiles are with us all the time, and thus can be used both for creation (taking pictures, recording podcasts) and distribution (think subscribers). RSS can be the underlying carrier for this. The same can be accomplished via PCs � and in fact is already happening. In the context of emerging markets, mobiles will take centre-stage.

More Push, less Pull: The Reference Web is all about pulling information in a request-reply mechanism. The Incremental Web is about delivering the right information at the right time to the right device. Thus, I can get an SMS alert when a stock price crosses a threshold or when Tendulkar comes out to bat. Sending the same info to a PC or asking people to keep reloading the page is simply not practical.

TECH TALK: The Now-New-Near Web: The Near Web

The Near Web can be thought of as incremental in Space. It is the Web that is around where we are physically present. It is a world of shops, malls, schools, hospitals, traffic, and much more. In India, much of this Web does not have an electronic presence. It needs to be created. In this context, I want to share two ideas that I had mentioned some time ago � PIN-News and IndiaMirror.

PIN-News is about building a bottom-up community information system. It is built around PIN codes. Neighbourhood events can be posted on to specific pages, organised in a weblog-format. By using standardized forms to do the post, it is possible to capture the information in XML format and use a matching engine to send out alerts to people. For example, if I am interested in book exhibitions or special offers, I can set up an alert on a few PIN codes around my home and workplace. When the book shops in the area do their updates, I can be immediately alerted. PIN-News thus fills the gap in communicating dynamic information to people who are most likely to benefit from it.

Think of a Mirror World, by geographical area, categorised PIN code. (Everybody knows the PIN of where they live and work. Think of it as an for the physical world — only it is managed in a distributed manner. Our goals in doing IndiaMirror are the following:

1. Create a revenue model from the local small buyers and sellers — a MicroGoogle
2. Be a utility in the lives of people — used daily
3. Create a platform which can be used to discuss and solve local issues and problems
4. Build an Information Marketplace platform
5. Enable people to create their own blogs and RSS feeds (via DIY forms). People can do their own updates – publishing
6. Create a weblog/wiki/RSS for every PIN in India. Everything goes into a backend database
7. The RSS Aggregator delivers RSS feeds to people�s mailboxes. People can subscribe for specific events – which are delivered to their computer or cellphone
8. Imagine if each �physical object� has a virtual presence (for example, a theatre could provide updates on movies and bookings; local shops can provide updates on what’s new in terms of sales, etc.)
9. People can also create a directory of local resources and landmarks. During elections this can be used to discuss the candidates contesting.

Hi, very inspiring story at Coolhunting about Troika using SMS technology in new and creative ways. I love how they dismissed the original function of SMS and used the technology to make a new product. The Tool for Armchair Activists is a must see. I really believe that there are many products in which we could integrate a SIMcard. We are so focussed on person to person communication. What if we start sending SMSs(text, commands) to machines and objects.

SMS Guerilla Projector:
SMS Guerilla

I am wondering if Penguins are more popular now than a couple of years ago. I see Penguin movies(Happy Feet), Documentary(March of the penguins), On Amazon(cool deals) and Linux ofcourse.

Do the Penguins remind us of our position in this world. Sense of community, one continent, uniformity and loyalty? Hmm or are they just cute?

More and more I am drawn to initiatives which mix the online world with the real world. When a community force is involved in such an iniative it really wakes me right up. Things like the Freehugscampaign and OneWorld. These initiatives start to spread all over the world. Makes me even wonder if we all would hold hands we could create world peace 😉

Well I am drifting.. Ji Lee started a project where he started sticking empty cartoon balloons(30.000 pieces) on ads in New York. He waited what people would write on them and posted those on his internetpage.

Well why are the bubbleproject and the hug campaign such strong tools? Here are my thoughts:

Communication: it provokes communication

Community: everybody is part of one project

Creativity: it facilitates creativity

More and more I think that these 3 elements are the key to many social products we now see on the internet(social sharing, networks). Do we see examples of initiatives containing these magic three elements in the “real life”? Stich and Bitch: the knitting groups which are popping up all over the world. Looks like the magic three are contained there.

Is it possible that the creative power and sense of community which is created through the internet now spins off in real life. So we basically freed ourselves from passive consumption(TV) and formed the tools we (deeply)wanted(community, creativity and communication) on internet and now we are ready and confident to build these tools back in real life?

Example: Will we see more dance contests on the schoolground?


Hi, Just finished watching a clip of Gemma on YouTube.. Gemma is a new character which popped up like a month ago.. In the beginning she reacted on posts of Bree(Lonelygirl15).

Heee…but what is happening now??? Lonelygirl goes outside and Gemma starts to see people watching Bree(lonely girl). Gemma is doing research about secret societies and a new order(that speaks Egyptian). MYSTERIOUS!!!!!
Seeing these developments I am sure that lonelygirl is going to be on the run and that Gemma is going to help her(through videomessages) to uncover the mysterious truth about something we don’t know yet. Involving the New World Order. Lonelygirl will probably travel over the whole world and piece by piece the mystery will be unraveled.

If they(the makers) have decided to go in this direction. The direction of a thriller/mystery storyline with multiple characters it might become even for me interesting to watch. Well at least it is a very new way of ‘telling’ a movie/soap/series.

Bytheway is their a word for user generated moviesoap made out of clips from different characters and distributed through potentially different means of media(they have MySpace account now aswell)???

Below the storyline sofar…

Gemma suddenly brings some information about The Order that speaks ancient Egyptian:

Gemma sees man in video of Lonelygirl:

Gemma sees symbol referring to knights and New World Order

Bree is fleeing from the watcher(enhanced with music..also new)


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