Hi, Finally found a good mobile photo/clips upload platform with a strong social network component. On the one site it uses MMS, which is great: well accepted, fixed price, dont need to download apps. Next to that with an MMS you want to share something personal. That is the difference with SMS which focuses more on communicating. Until now it was inefficient to share via MMS: too expensive if you want to reach a group. On the other side it uses TAGS!! Tagging the MMS is brilliant. I just don’t know where you tag the MMS: When you upload or when you visit the intenet page. Any way this way you create an open dynamic platform. Only problem I have is that it is global and too focussed on profiles(flirting). I rather see a platform where local pics and clips can be seen. The tags become much more relevant that way. So make country sites(you have the country code). For example sunset on the beach in the Netherlands, or a goal at a football match, etc. Next to that i find that the homepage is too full. I rather see the tags immediate on the frontpage, inviting you to explore. Next to that I don’t know how the mobile experience looks. I hope they have an adjusted site with tags and a search option. Another comment, if I add a comment on someone’s profile, does that person receive an sms notification with a link to their homepage? Last comment, can I videocall to my profile?

In general it is a smart concept. Not just copy pasting from succeful internet sites. It combines mobile well accepted technology and combines with the things we learned form internet.

So I will subscribe and give some answers too the above mentioned questions.

Check it out: