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Nice presentation at Slideshare from Chris Anderson. It shows the change in our economy due to “everything everywhere anytime” structures enabled by our beloved internet. Thanks to Frankwatching

Also watch Barry Schwartz about Abundance on TEDtalks and the negative effect of choice.


Ben Cook’s fingers flurried so fast you couldn’t see what he was doing until he had done it. But when the cell-phone screens cleared, the world’s fastest text messenger was handed his first head-to-head defeat Tuesday: a voice-recognition computer had bested his record time on a complicated 27-word message.

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A “Tower of Babel” device that gives the illusion of being bilingual is being developed by US scientists. Users simply have to silently mouth a word in their own language for it to be translated and read out in another. The researchers said the effect was like watching a television programme that had been dubbed.

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Interesting concept for using text messaging as mobile payment method. Interesting gadget.. Due to high transaction fees not likely to be implemented in a broad way.

Makes me thinking about SMS.. What a great service!!


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Some inspriring stuff on the Telco 2.0 blog. It tells about the shifting of control between handset vendors, operators and users. Conclusion: the user gains control.

The question I have is what impact does the increasing power of the user have for both the handset vendor and the operator. Seems to me that when your traditional control weakens your brand will be a key asset!! Sounds pretty healthy to me..It will be preference and cost which will drive the decision. So efficient and high quality distribution of communication services and an appealing brand. Here comes the problem. Do the big global operators have appealing brands? I don’t think so. They have to reach a broad audience with many messages. I believe that we will see segmented and targetted brands. Coming from MVNO’s??

This is user generated content!!!! Great.. Very inspirational and shows what you can do with videoblogging and Google Maps API.

These guys are hitchhiking to all 50 state capitals in 50 days or less. Their position will be updated on a Google Map every 15 seconds, as well as geocoded photos, podcasts and videos. The cool thing about this project is that it’s all built using off-the-shelf technology – in particular a $50 GPS enabled phone. Drop by and offer them a ride..

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Well must say it works pretty good. Too bad my text which was in my MMS is gone..

Dit bericht ontvangt u van een KPN gebruiker. U kunt meer informatie vinden op trefwoord “mms”

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